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Silent Beats is Colorado Springs first local Silent Disco provider. We specialize in custom small events guaranteeing that each guest is getting an unforgettable experience.

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Coati Nov 6th

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Coati Nov 6th

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FLOW Silent Disco


Tune into you. Not what’s around you.

With our wireless led headphones we cut through the noise, disconnect from the world around us, and deliver a personalized mind-body experience allowing you to focus on yourself and your breathing. 

Help beginners learn to turn themselves inward by allowing distractions melt away with noise-canceling headphones tuned to your voice. Give the most experienced members of your class a chance to control the volume of the music and your instruction to work toward inner peace in any setting.

Silent Beats offers night club and festival owners, managers, and promoters the chance to give a unique experience people choose for themselves without worrying about upsetting the neighbors or interrupting meaningful conversation.

Silent Beats has 3 channels to transmit 3 audio sources at once, so you can bring in different crowds on the same night!

Silent Beats offers the chance to connect more deeply with family and friends while your favorite music is playing. It also allows hard-of-hearing relatives to hear speeches and enjoy the music along with everyone else.

Cut the stress of keeping everyone happy and play everyone’s song. You can play country music, rap, edm, hiphop, top 40’s, you name it! While everyone dances together on one floor.

Your quietest relatives and your wildest friends will all be able to have fun and enjoy your special day!

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Our headphones are great for pop-up movie events, especially in outdoor areas. With our wireless, noise-cancelling headphones, movie-goers will love their individualized experience. This is perfect for a family style gathering of all ages. 

Regardless of where your movie plays, our headphones will ensure outside noise is canceled and the only thing movie-goers hear is the soundtrack so they can be fully immersed in their experience.

Silent Beats Bar Package lets patrons cut through the noise and control the volume of entertainment at your venue and switch between games. 

3 separate audio channels for different sources. Perfect for Football Sunday, all other sports, news, and other programming.

Creates a fun atmosphere to drive bar sales up and makes your bar the place to be for football games.

Give people the choice to hear what they want, without yelling and loud noise. Our noise canceling headphones will ensure your customers don’t miss a play.

3 big games on at once…no problem! With Silent Beats headphones all team lovers and fantasy football goers can listen to their games instead of just the one playing in the bar.

Any game day can easily be switched to a silent disco afterwards to keep the party going!


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